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    The Internet of Things is the hottest topic in technology and business, and there are many conferences and events on the subject – but it is still tough to find advice that really helps build a workable IoT plan. Monetize IoT, the newest event on the IoT calendar, plans to fill that gap.

    That is why I’m delighted to be the conference chair for this event, because it really will offer something different. As Research Director of Rethink Technology Research, I am responsible for our IoT practice, which conducts regular and extensive surveys of organizations which are actively looking to implement IoT services. Yet despite high excitement about the commercial potential, there are significant barriers to adoption.

    The biggest questions are – How to secure the data and user privacy? How to turn mountains of data into profitable services? How current IT structures can evolve to support the organization’s commercial objectives for IoT?

    These are the key challenges on which Monetize IoT will focus. Without addressing security and intelligent data issues, no major IoT project can get off the ground. Our research indicates a real risk that organizations will perceive these to be insurmountable barriers, creating a backlash against the IoT excitement.

    Yet there are solutions out there, and real opportunities. There are some organizations which are already well down the road to profitable deployments. Attendees at Monetize IoT will hear from some of those early successes as well has having the chance to discuss their own challenges with peers, and take part in interactive sessions.

    The conference aims to arm attendees with practical tools and real world experiences, to help them create workable plans and convince their CEOs. With a concentrated structure, entirely focused on practical challenges, I believe it will pack more useful advice and discussion into one day than most conferences manage in three.

    As chair, I aim to help achieve a key objective – to equip each attendee with insights which are directly relevant to his or her business, and which will help bridge that gap between IoT buzz and successful real world deployments.

    I look forward to seeing you in Copenhagen!

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