1. How the IoT is creating 'precision farming'

    How the IoT is creating 'precision farming'

    Moo-ve over, runners and joggers – you're not the only ones who are wearing a Fitbit, Jawbone or the Vivofit. Fujitsu has come up with its 'Akisai' cloud for agribusiness, of which the centrepiece is undoubtedly the connected cow.

    When cows are in heat, they walk more, so by attaching pedometers to them farmers can identify which ones are ready for breeding.

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    1. Data is collected from sensors that provide information on things like soil temperature, humidity, light levels and rainfall.
    2. We're performing big data analytics on the data gathered from the sensors, and using Microsoft's Azure cloud for the IoT system analytics.
    3. Akisai also uses machine learning to get new insights from the past growing data.
    4. The drone is a flying computer and has the artificial intelligence to make the best possible decisions in-flight to collect consistent and accurate data every time.
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