1. ASX completes blockchain trading platform prototype

    ASX completes blockchain trading platform prototype

    The ASX has completed a prototype post-trade solution using blockchain technology, and is looking to make a final decision on whether to implement it at the end of 2017.

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    1. ASX is investigating new technology for the clearing and settlement of equities. This distributed ledger technology (or DLT) is based on the blockchain concept and has the ability to significantly improve the efficiency of clearing and settlement -- not only for ASX, but for our customers as well.
    2. In March 2016, the government provided clarity about the medium-term market structure for cash market equities clearing.
    3. We believe the potential of the technology to improve post-trade efficiency and reduce costs is genuine. Our market is a complex organism, and there is a terrific opportunity for us to simplify how it works.
    4. I've always been amazed that I can trade in the blink of an eye, in a millisecond on some exchanges. However, the clearing and settlement process can take between two and 30 days depending on what asset class you're trading.
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