1. The ‘Uberfication’ Of Healthcare

    The ‘Uberfication’ Of Healthcare

    Influx of Internet of Things in healthcare strongly indicates that smart apps and devices are scaling to a point where we can see changes in everyday life.

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  4. Monetizing IoT

    1. Every single day new innovations are created.
    2. Think in terms of guided healthcare versus a quarterly review that's outdated.
    3. It's an inexpensive proposition and if we all add our two cents, we can make great things.
    4. Combined with what's happening in development with targeted therapies and personalized medicine, we're looking at medications in oncology and other chronic diseases that are very specific now by trying to address niche subpopulations and rare diseases.
    5. Sensor-based devices provide a plethora of real-world evidence and a lot of data to mine.
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