1. Data Enablers: Motionloft, For Retail Traffic And More

    Data Enablers: Motionloft, For Retail Traffic And More

    People are always moving. They’re going in and coming out of buildings every day. But how does a retailer know how many people are coming in and out of its space? Motionloft has those numbers. Motionloft’s mission is to be a “pioneer in the physical world analytics industry,” said Chris Garrison, COO and cofounder of Motionloft.

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  4. Monetizing IoT

    1. Our current generation of sensors have counted over 1 billion people and are installed in over 55 markets across the United States, as well as in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.
    2. By understanding the amount of pass-by traffic outside a given location, businesses can optimize their store hours in order to maximize sales potential or make adjustments to their operational and staffing needs.
    3. As with many disruptive technologies, organizations and individuals can be slow to adopt newer tools — even if those tools improve how the business is conducted.
    4. We are driving forward the capabilities of computer vision-based detection and other sensor technologies that deliver behavioral data and advanced classifiers to provide an entirely new level of insight into the consumer experience.
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