1. Verizon, AT&T both claim LTE Cat M firsts for Internet of Things | FierceWireless

    Verizon, AT&T both claim LTE Cat M firsts for Internet of Things | FierceWireless

    The race to commercialize LTE-M is on, with both AT&T and Verizon declaring firsts as they try to outmaneuver the other in wooing customers to their cellular standards-based technology for the Internet of Things.

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  4. Monetizing IoT

    1. We actually made a data call over a live network with a real production quality chip and on a live LTE network.
    2. We've been driving this aggressively for a couple years.
    3. We're open for business now, so to speak.
    4. That's one of the key advantages of Cat M1 over NoB, it can do voice.
    5. It's exciting to be working with this because, from my perspective, it's about how we're actually being challenged on use cases from our partners on things that we might not have thought about before, and we're working together with them to try to enable some of those use cases.
    6. I think that fundamentally, the proprietary IoT technologies stepped into a vacuum that existed, and the main merit in these technologies; their main advantage was time to market and this is what they've been selling.