1. This company just solved one of the biggest problems for driverless cars

    This company just solved one of the biggest problems for driverless cars

    One of the biggest mysteries we'll need to solve for driverless cars is how to assign liability in an accident. Some experts think car manufacturers will start taking on more responsibility, but many insurance companies are still loathe to touch the subject because of the various state laws that risk complicating the picture. But at least one insurer seems to sense an opportunity where others fear to tread.

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    1. It's a courageous first step and something we're going to see more and more of.
    2. We expect premiums for fully autonomous cars to be considerably cheaper than regular cars, purely because of the expected reduction in accidents and claims.
    3. Insurance premiums will simply reflect the risk factors of each of those groups in much the same way they do now, based on the claims data that will build up over time.
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