1. Tackling app security to safeguard the future enterprise | Networks Asia | Via IoT

    Tackling app security to safeguard the future enterprise | Networks Asia | Via IoT

    Security Asia, a property of Network World Asia, recently interviewed three IT leaders to gather their thoughts and expert opinions on prevailing cyber security challenges and trends. The interviews were conducted in conjunction with the F5 Anticipate 2016 event in Singapore, which was themed ‘Secure Your Apps Today to Safeguard Your Future’. Kenny Sim is head of IT Infrastructure at Six Capital, which has been described as “a data analytics fintech firm with a contrarian philosophy”.

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  4. Monetizing IoT

    1. Mobility is and will be the trend that enterprises embrace.
    2. Unfortunately, enterprises are unable to effectively deal with today's advanced attacks. Hence it is important that we would need to be proactive and vigilant in dealing with threats and zero-days attack.
    3. With the current trend, this is definitely true.
    4. Mobility and BYOD have been changing the way we work.
    5. This is true because most of our apps now are web applications, and vulnerability will be coming from this side.
    6. We have to make sure the application can be accessed only by an authorized user.
    7. F5 has managed traffic to our apps server to ensure continuous availability; provide security, mitigate DDoS and application-based attacks, and of course, to increase our customer experience.
    8. At some point, information such as a client's data, email, credit card, and other key information could fall into someone else's hand.
    9. On the other hand, rising prevalence of BYOD in an enterprise also means that if an employee's device were to be stolen, the data residing on that device is vulnerable.