1. AT&T Boss: We intend to be the most aggressive IT company in the world

    AT&T Boss: We intend to be the most aggressive IT company in the world

    In the new world telecoms is reinventing itself. It is a world where suppliers become competitors and competitors become partners. A world where instead of looking at what Verizon or BT will do next it is more interesting and vital to see how Amazon and Google and the other web scale players are moving. This is a place where the standards based telecoms world must be replicated in networking if we are to fully benefit from a world which is flattening and where code moves quickly across borders.

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    1. The whole customer adoption has been accelerating and Google and Amazon joining the fray has been very helpful. I don't think it is uniformly true of everyone but having the web scale players talking to large enterprises globally and having very provocative business models has created a great opportunity.