1. Lifestyle › Will smart cities save Japan?

    Lifestyle › Will smart cities save Japan?

    ( 0 ) TOKYO — Urban populations around the world continue to rise. By 2050, the number of people living in large cities is projected to reach 66 percent of the total global population according to the 2014 revision of the United Nations’ World Urbanization Prospects. The current ratio is 54 percent. With such rapid expansion of cities comes a number of challenges, including overcrowding, environmental pollution, congestion, damage to infrastructure, and increased demand for energy.

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    1. Within the energy management of Kashiwa-no-ha, we want to build a track record for the best possible model in energy optimization methods.
    2. What we need is to create a role for someone who will be responsible and answerable to the community, such as a chief information officer or a chief digital officer.