1. When Will the Industrial Internet of Things Floodgates Open?

    When Will the Industrial Internet of Things Floodgates Open?

    “The industrial internet of things is the IoT to watch” is a claim that’s been made ever since the internet of things first became a coherent concept. It’s a stance commonly…

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  4. Monetizing IoT

    1. If you were to talk to the municipalities – the cities and those that have been involved in IIoT projects and testbeds, they would argue otherwise.
    2. The other reason many of these case studies aren't all that alluring is the fact that inherently these IoT implementations are very heavy – expensive, hard to implement, lengthy in duration.
    3. Companies like Siemens and GE are moving beyond the conceptual benefits of IoT, automating processes, and are starting to get rich data, rich analytics and operational efficiency as a result.
    4. We're seeing IoT expansion into many areas different to pristine factory settings – like oil and gas, utilities, agriculture and so forth.
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