1. Securing your organisation in an IOT world

    Experts predict that by 2020 there will be 4.3 Internet-connected devices for every man, woman, and child on the planet.

    Each of these connected devices generates data that is pushed, pulled, collected, sorted, analysed, stored, and examined. This data, and the information being extracted from it, has become the foundation for what is being called the new "Digital Economy". Revenue resulting from IOT is estimated to exceed $300 billion in 2020, with a global economic impact of $1.9 trillion.

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  4. Monetizing IoT

    1. Sometimes it's helpful to characterise the IOT with some more precision; I like to place them in three categories.
    2. Fortinet is actively driving the development of IOT security, which is advantageous to our regions customers.
    3. Our commitment to innovation helps ensure that we will continually deliver the most advanced security solutions to defend against the evolving threat landscape threatening the success of our emerging digital economy.
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