1. How to secure the network's intelligent edge in the Internet of Things

    How to secure the network's intelligent edge in the Internet of Things

    Much of the IoT's value resides at the network's edge, where organizations collect some of their most sensitive information. Traditional security measures can't always protect this data. Experts weigh in on how to prevent physical access to the network through IoT devices and safeguard the data collected and processed at the edge.

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  4. Monetizing IoT

    1. With IoT, we've got a proliferation of new, small devices that really weren't the responsibility of IT in the past, and IT is still coming to terms with that.
    2. Many IoT devices are insecure by design because of the pressure to be first to get a product to market.
    3. There is a drive to keep the costs of these IoT sensors and devices down, which limits their computing power.
    4. You are talking about a much larger threat surface that is unmonitored, which introduces the same risk to a company as we've seen from traditional endpoints.
    5. The intelligent edge is where people, places, and things converge, and where rights converge as well. So not everything should be permissible there.
    6. Not every vendor needs to be in your ecosystem, because not every vendor has good security practices.
    7. For example, if you see a video camera doing an HTTP request through an external website, ask yourself, is that something that should be happening? Most likely not, so go ahead and block that.
    8. Manufacturers need to make sure security is built in from the beginning, from encryption through authentication.
    9. From a security perspective, companies don't even know what's on their networks anymore. Just understanding what's on a network and what they do is probably the most important thing a company can do.