1. Goodbye rpm and deb. Hello Snaps! | Cio

    Goodbye rpm and deb. Hello Snaps! | Cio

    Goodbye rpm and deb. Hello Snaps! More like this Cross-distribution support for Snaps will turn the fragmented Linux desktop into one big platform. Email a friend Use commas to separate multiple email addresses From Your message has been sent. Sorry CIO | Jun 16, 2016 2:16 PM PT Like this article? thumbsup 0 thumbsdown RELATED TOPICS Mark Shuttleworth today announced that Snaps, a new method Canonical developed for packaging applications is coming to other distributions.

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    1. The current situation with dozens of distributions, each with different rules, each with different versions of different libraries, some with certain libraries missing, each with different packaging tools and packaging formats... that basically tells app developers
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