1. Exploring the IoT chip market, SoftBank's ARM acquisition

    Exploring the IoT chip market, SoftBank's ARM acquisition

    Exploring the IoT chip market, SoftBank's ARM acquisition by Sharon Shea Site Editor News of SoftBank's intended acquisition of ARM has pulled the state of the IoT chip market into the spotlight, as well as ARM's future position in it. Launch Your IoT Supply Chain Strategy Now –SearchManufacturingERP ARM Holdings plc has long been associated with the mobile boom; the chips designed and manufactured by the company are found in nearly every iPhone, iPad and Android device out there.

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  4. Monetizing IoT

    1. Almost 2 billion handsets are shipped a year, and something on the order of 200 million tablets are shipped per year.
    2. But I'm not saying that moving forward it's going to be prominent in IoT the way it is in mobile.
    3. IoT devices today can have three basic types of processor architectures: ARM-based, MIPS-based or based on Intel's x86 architecture.
    4. A smart sensor that goes out in the field for energy exploration purposes is going to be very different from what's required in your smart refrigerator.
    5. I would say that segments of the IoT market will definitely attract vendors to start.
    6. From an IP perspective, ARM is the dominant player.
    7. Up and down the food chain, whether it's by size or marketplace, semiconductor vendors are definitely investing a lot in this space.
    8. We've seen a huge consolidation in this market with mergers involving SanDisk acquired by Western Digital; KLA-Tencor acquired by Lam Research; CSR acquired by Qualcomm; Altera acquired by Intel; Freescale Semiconductor acquired by NXP. The list goes on and on.
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