1. Software billionaire gets $70m investment boost for his IOT firm

    Software billionaire gets $70m investment boost for his IOT firm

    A software development platform firm set up by Thomas Siebel, the software entrepreneur who sold his business to Larry Ellison’s Oracle for $5.4bn, was given a $70m investment boost.

    TPG Growth, a $7 billion middle market and growth equity investment platform said it invested in C3 IoT, which is building an IOT platform for machine to machine data application development.

    C3 IoT applies big data, advanced analytics, and machine learning to create competitive advantage.

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    1. As our customer base grows, C3 IoT is investing in growth, expanding our product footprint, and investing in customer service and satisfaction. With TPG on our team, C3 IoT will accelerate the expansion of our customer service capacity globally.
    2. The IoT software market opportunity is substantial and our research shows that C3 IoT is well positioned to establish and maintain a market leadership role. We look forward to working closely with C3 IoT to realize that objective.