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    1. Security for the Internet of Things: What's in your airspace

      Security for the Internet of Things: What's in your airspace

      Download Internet of Things vulnerabilities in the Enterprise - Where are they? What are they? Threats are becoming more complex as criminals look for new ways to use technology in their quest for valuable data. As the number of connected devices grows to more than 50 billion by 2020, the IoT will provide an unprecedented expansion of new threat vectors and Enterprise companies need to be able to respond.

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    2. The IoT needs a defrag

      The IoT needs a defrag

      Hardware Innovation The IoT needs a defrag Smart home tech is a case in point: Tech giants need to embrace ecosystem interoperability for the Internet of Things to realize its potential. Defrag. (source: Max Braun on Flickr ). Apple’s announcement at its World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) of a new Home app coming to its mobile devices when iOS 10 launches later this year prompted headlines such as “ Apple will save the smart home dream from itself. ” This is overstating things a bit.

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    3. InterDigital : WiFi360 Cites Machina Research on Open Standards Role in Growth of IoT

      (You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas) Message : * Required fields Last month, InterDigital released an insightful report by Machina Research that revealed open standards in IoT deployments could accelerate growth in smart cities by 27% and reduce deployment costs by 30%. Analyst and Managing Director of WiFi360 , Adlane Fellah, recently cited this statistic and more in an excellent article in which he explores the growth of the IoT.

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