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    1. Singtel: We need help with 5G verticals

      Singtel: We need help with 5G verticals

      The likely success of 5G will be given a significant boost if the operator community is given major assistance in developing the vertical industry use cases, according to Yuen Kuan Moon, Singtel’s CEO of Consumer Singapore.

      “There are many verticals that could benefit from 5G-based services, such as transport, public services, healthcare etc, and we want to ensure that Singapore becomes a smart nation by adopting the technology.”

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    2. HPE to offer cut-price IoT deployment

      HPE to offer cut-price IoT deployment

      Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is to launch an IoT-specific MVNE, and associated product range, which it believes will drastically lower the cost of providing M2M connectivity for specialist MVNOs and largescale enterprises.Chris Kozup, VP Marketing, HP Aruba, told Mobile World Live the MVNE will reduce connectivity costs per device by around 80 per cent compared to standard tariffs currently on offer.“A standard data device will cost a carrier around $16 to provision and get it connected on the network,” Kozup said. “If you bring that into the IoT domain and look at those costs, it very quickly strips ...

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    3. Telefonica ramps up on IoT security

      Telefonica ramps up on IoT security

      Operator group Telefonica will team with Symantec on developing solutions against potential cyber attacks on devices and data operating in an Internet of Things (IoT) environment.

      The news comes as noise grows in the industry for better network security, as more devices become interconnected in an “open digital environment”, said Telefonica.

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    4. Telenor backs AI and IoT in battle with internet giants

      Telenor backs AI and IoT in battle with internet giants

      Norway’s Telenor is investing in AI and IoT to help its country’s startups, as its head of research warned of the consequences if such R&D was left to US internet giants.

      Working with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), and the SINTEF research institute, the operator will set up a lab focused on artificial intelligence and big data. The lab will be situated at NTNU in the city of Trondheim.

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    5. Foxconn, Actility form venture to target China’s IoT market

      Foxconn, Actility form venture to target China’s IoT market

      Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision (also known as Foxconn) and France’s Actility have set up a Hong Kong-based venture, called ThingPark China, to tap China’s rapidly expanding Internet of Things (IoT) market.

      The venture combines Actility’s IoT platform for connected devices with Foxconn’s massive electronics design and manufacturing capabilities, the South China Morning Post reported.

      ThingPark is Actility’s end-to-end M2M and IoT service.

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    6. Security top barrier to massive IoT usage – Oberthur CEO

      Security top barrier to massive IoT usage – Oberthur CEO

      LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS SHANGHAI 2016: Security will be the critical enabler of IoT deployments as the average consumer’s confidence in IT systems has plummeted and concerns about privacy remain high across the world.

      After the huge Sony and Target data breaches a couple of years ago, security emerged as an issue not just for the CIO but for a company’s entire board, said Oberthur Technologies CEO Didier Larouche (pictured).

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    7. Islands of IoT devices must be connected – Alibaba

      LIVE FROM MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS SHANGHAI: Despite moving into the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) era, individual devices and components remain isolated, with intelligent equipment not connected to each other and information islands created.

      “Although we talk about the boom in IoT, actually we’re not as connected as we thought we are,” warned Zhang Chunhui, president of Alibaba’s OS business.

      The problem is that most companies continue to lack a true customer-centric view.

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    8. ZTE head talks up IoT benefits and risks

      ZTE head talks up IoT benefits and risks

      LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS SHANGHAI: Zhao Xianming, recently installed chairman and CEO of ZTE, used a keynote presentation to talk up the opportunities of IoT, noting it will have a profound influence on human society and daily lives.

      But the executive also noted hurdles in the delivery of IoT, such as industry vertical integration, business model evolution and technical challenges related to diverse use cases.

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    9. 4.5G hits the ground running

      4.5G hits the ground running

      Mobile operators don’t need to wait until 2020 for speeds in excess of 1Gbps

      The future can sometimes feel as if it’s already here. Take AlphaGo, DeepMind’s artificial intelligence (AI) computer program. After thrashing Lee Sedol in a five-game bout of Go, a fiendishly complex board game, AlphaGo will face off against Ke Jie later this year. Although Lee Sedol is one of the best human Go players on the planet – so an impressive AphaGo scalp – Ke Jie is currently ranked number one.

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