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    1. Structure of the Typical IoT Solution IoT

      Structure of the Typical IoT Solution IoT

      As you strategize about how to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to gain a competitive advantage, the first item on your task list must be understanding all of the pieces in the IoT puzzle. Successfully connected solutions must integrate an entire ecosystem in a way that results in a simple, seamless, and cohesive experience for users in order to fully capitalize on the opportunity IoT presents.

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    2. Moving Analytics to Real-Time Big Data

      Moving Analytics to Real-Time Big Data

      Every organization uses some form of analytics to monitor and improve their business. The growth of data has increased the impact of analytics and is a critical ingredient for delivering a successful digital business strategy. Companies are using more real-time analytics because of the pressure to increase the speed and accuracy of business processes – particularly for digital business and the Internet of Things (IoT).

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    3. How IoT Impacts Application Performance Management IoT

      How IoT Impacts Application Performance Management IoT

      “By 2020, 21 billion of Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be in use worldwide.” – Gartner Research Picture yourself standing on a train platform. You're minding your own business when the vending machine to the right asks if you’d like your usual cappuccino with one sugar if you have 10 minutes until your train arrives, or rather an espresso if you only have 5. It’s quickly becoming the new reality. It’s the Internet of Things and it’s surrounding us more each day.

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    4. 3 Trends Driving IoT Innovation IoT

      The Internet of Things is transforming how we work and live in more ways than many of us could have imagined. Connecting things with unique IP addresses has been possible for over a decade, but the commoditization of sensors and processors and emerging technologies that further enable IoT possibilities are making it viable to move beyond being just connected, into an intelligent Internet of Things.

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    5. Building an IoT Backbone IoT

      The Internet of Things has evolved from the convergence of new mobility-enabling technologies such as the proliferation of public Wi-Fi access, cellular devices, RFID technologies, and micro electromechanical systems, with the latest computing technologies such as microservices, cloud computing, and, of course, increased human social consumption of mobile technologies. This convergence has allowed unstructured machine generated data to be analysed for insights that will drive the future.

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    6. Why Developers are So Vital to the IoT Age IoT

      The Internet of Things is changing more than how we set security alarms or adjust our thermostats. The intuitive technology is already changing the home and workplace as we know it, and modifying human behavior as a result. Building upon a base of technology that has rapidly evolved over the past half-decade, IoT is transforming consumer and enterprise spaces with connectivity once reserved for science fiction. Some analysts predict that by 2020, 200 billion IoT-connected devices will be in use.

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    7. The State of OT Cyber Security IoT

      Productivity gains in the industrial sector have shrunk to 1% over the past several years. Every ounce of benefit from lean manufacturing and Six Sigma has been realized. Industrial companies are turning increasingly to digital investments to find new levels of productivity, production, and profit. As investment in digital transformation grows, so does the increased risk of cyber security incidents.

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    8. A Look at the AWS IoT Ecosystem

      Let's be friends: A Look at the AWS IoT Ecosystem If you've got an interest in IoT, take a look at how Amazon's platform can help link your devices and their data. by Access the survey results 'State of Industrial Internet Application Development' to learn about latest challenges, trends and opportunities with Industrial IoT, brought to you in partnership with GE Digital .

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    9. Expanding IoT to Retail Shopping IoT

      Connected devices are changing the way people all around the world lead their lives. Connected devices are bringing revolutionary changes to all industries and providing to be a significant disrupting force. The Internet of Things (IoT) is introducing innovation and new opportunities in the market by bringing every object, customer, and action into the digital kingdom. While the Internet of things may seem a little absurd or like a science fiction, it is fast becoming a reality.

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    10. Top 10 Industries Benefiting from Big Data and Analytics Big Data

      There is a lot of noise on the Internet about Big Data : it’s the next big thing, it’s going to change how you work, it’s going to disrupt everything . There’s certainly a lot of truth in the idea that Big Data will have a big impact, but all the hype can feel a little abstract. So, in order to give you a clearer idea of how data insights and predictive analytics are actually changing industries, we’ve drawn up a list of the kinds of businesses that are benefiting from data the most.

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    11. 6 Things to Expect from the Internet of Things in 2017 IoT

      The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to change dramatically in 2017, mainly with wearable technology, improved consumer experiences, and digital marketing. Brands need to implement changes to remain competitive in their respective industries. Below are some of the most important changes expected from the IoT in 2017. Completely Upgraded IoT Systems Every aspect of a company’s IoT system needs to be integrated and working together. This includes connections, data, devices, and processes.

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    12. Getting Started With the Internet of Things Using an IoT Prototyping Board IoT

      Getting Started With the Internet of Things Using an IoT Prototyping Board IoT

      This post describes a set of IoT prototyping boards that are useful for developing IoT projects. As we're aware, IoT is the next big thing in the near feature. Interest has been growing fast. As already described in the article Getting started with IoT , if you want to start working on an IoT project, you need to have an IoT prototyping board . When working for the first time, you might have trouble selecting the right IoT prototyping board. Here are some hints to help you get started.

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    13. Q and A: Breakthrough IIot Technologies, Security, and More IoT

      On June 30, Kepware concluded its first installment of the IoT Webinar Series . The series shares breakthrough technology for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and explores a wide range of solutions made possible by integrating KEPServerEX with IoT Alliance member offerings. Use cases and real-world applications ranged from condition-based monitoring and predictive maintenance to machine learning, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and big data analytics.

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    14. This Week In Modern Software: What's Behind SoftBank's Big Bet on ARM IoT

      TWiMS Top Story: SoftBank to Buy Britain's ARM for $32 Billion in Record Deal — Bloomberg What it's about: SoftBank stole the tech headlines this week with its $32 billion acquisition of Great Britain's ARM Holdings , the semiconductor firm whose chip designs reside on billions of smartphones — not to mention iPads, Kindles, and myriad other devices — around the world.

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