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    1. A Smarter Approach to Building Machines

      A Smarter Approach to Building Machines

      Share As an account manager, I work with OEMs to collaborate on solving customer issues. In the past, those expectations may not have been easy, but they were tangible – move through x products per hour, reduce energy usage by x percent. Today, understanding customer expectations is becoming more complicated as the Internet of Things (IoT) reaches the plant floor. IoT is a concept, not an easily implemented set of technologies.

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    2. What’s New in Industrial Access Control?

      What’s New in Industrial Access Control?

      Share Modernizing and layering your employee badges can be an effective way to help protect production processes, data and assets from physical and cybersecurity threats. By Sheila Kennedy, Contributing Writer Editor’s Note: This article is adapted from the white paper, “Access Control Enters the Realm of Industrial Automation,” from Rockwell Automation Encompass™ Product Partner RF IDeas, Inc. Download the free, comprehensive white paper to learn about additional applications for using employee badges for security; types of badge readers and the advantages and disadvantages of each; and which methods and technologies to use based on your needs. Physical and logical ...

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    3. Pulsar Develops OEE Measurement Solution

      Pulsar Develops OEE Measurement Solution

      Share Learn how the tissue industry equipment maker created an open and scalable software platform that easily integrates with hardware to monitor overall equipment effectiveness. Pulsar Srl , founded in 1989, is based in Castelmaggiore, near Bologna, the heart of Europe’s “packaging valley.” The company engineers, produces and creates conveying and transportation solutions.

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