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    1. CeBIT 2017 - IoT, big data driving Huawei interest in Africa

      CeBIT 2017 - IoT, big data driving Huawei interest in Africa

      The Internet of Things (IoT) and big data analysis are the main drivers behind Huawei Technologies ongoing interest in Africa’s growing technology landscape.

      At the CeBIT 2017 Conference taking place in Hannover, Germany this week, the company emphasised the role IoT plays in facilitating centralised, realtime data communication and automation – crucial to the rollout of concepts like smart city development and implementation.

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    2. Analysts forecast multiple challenges to mobile management

      Analysts forecast multiple challenges to mobile management

      With the convergence of devices, bots, things and people, organisations will need to master two dimensions of mobility – they will have to excel at mainstream mobility and prepare for the post-app era.

      "The future of mobile will provide ubiquitous

      delivered anywhere, by any person or thing, to any person or thing," said David Willis, Vice President and analyst at Gartner.

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    3. 'IoT growth must benefit all users in Africa'

      'IoT growth must benefit all users in Africa'

      With the exponential growth in the number of connected 'things' and the ability to leverage data and analytics, the 'infrastructure of the information economy' or Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to radically transform economies.

      However, while the IoT is embedded as part of business growth and development in today's market, and has helped give impetus to the establishment of internet-based

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    4. Is Africa ready for 5G mobile networks?

      Is Africa ready for 5G mobile networks?

      The evolution, or 'revolution' as network architecture experts would argue, that is 5G mobile networks is considered a reality today and the inevitable next level of core network infrastructure that will radically change B2B and B2C

      . While ICT and telecommunications professionals agree that 5G, as the convergence of several influential technologies and a step up from predecessors 4G and LTE, is expected to enhance critical processes within key sectors like education and healthcare - are emerging markets ready to facilitate this technology development?

      5G is the convergence of IP-based networking technologies including IoT/M2M, multimedia, Network Function Virtualisation, Mobile Edge Computing ...

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    5. IoT dominates business talk in Africa

      IoT dominates business talk in Africa

      Broadband evolution, the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital transformation remain top-of-mind for Africa's business leaders, ahead of several industry events scheduled for the latter half of the year – including the annual Southern Africa Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC), hosted by Telkom, as well as the Frost & Sullivan Growth, Innovation and Leadership (GIL) Congress 2016.

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    6. Tension over IoT standards in Africa

      Tension over IoT standards in Africa

      The role of mobile network operators (MNOs) as Internet of Things (IoT) gains broader appeal on the continent is not clear say ICT professionals engaged in a panel discussion during the two-day IoT Africa Summit in Johannesburg.

      Raj Wanniappa, Deputy Executive Chairman of the Wi-Fi Forum of South Africa and fellow panelists agree that the test for MNOs goes beyond the task of keeping costs of wireless networks down, and that they need to take a leading role in the standardisation of IoT.

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