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    1. Top IOT News for 2016

      Top IOT News for 2016

      2016 will go down as being part of the golden era for the Internet of things. This last year has experienced incredible advancements like cars that drive themselves, and cities that actually smarter. It has also been a learning experience where major security breaches threatened us, but we worked past them, and ultimately built stronger systems. So what were some of the top stories of the year?

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    2. Using Blockchain to Secure IoT

      Using Blockchain to Secure IoT

      IoT is creating new opportunities and providing a competitive advantage for businesses in current and new markets. It touches everything—not just the data, but how, when, where and why you collect it. The technologies that have created the Internet of Things aren’t changing the internet only, but rather change the things connected to the internet—the devices and gateways on the edge of the network that are now able to request a service or start an action without human intervention at many levels.

      Because the generation and analysis of data is so essential to the IoT, consideration must ...

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    3. Five Ways IoT is Changing Trends in Cognitive Business

      Five Ways IoT is Changing Trends in Cognitive Business

      How is the Internet of Things, or IoT, changing trends in cognitive business? The impact is evident with the alliance between computers and humans. Computers still quickly assimilate and spew out data based on what is seen, heard and read. The difference is that they are now reasoning, understanding, and learning from those processes, whether using older, stored information or real-time data. Swift, accurate decisions are based on facts rather than emotions or circumstances.

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    4. IoT Tutorial: Chapter8 - Introducing Internet-of-Things (BigData) Steams and Analytics

      IoT Tutorial: Chapter8 - Introducing Internet-of-Things (BigData) Steams and Analytics

      . In the previous chapter of the IoT tutorial, we explained the affiliation between IoT data and BigData, given that IoT data expose the Vs of BigData. We also illustrated the activities comprising IoT data processing applications, such as data selection, validation, semantic unification and more.However, the power of IoT data processing and its business value lies in the analysis of IoT data i.e. in IoT data analytics.

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