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    1. Securing the Internet of Things: Networkworld Viewpoint

      Information security and privacy are significantly more complex and fragile with the advent of connected devices, consumer demands, and the convergence IT and operational technology. Add to that the massive shift in technology advances, market demand, interconnections, and use. All of this makes it necessary for IT and security managers to understand their business within this IoT world, and design security into solutions from the start.

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    2. 2017 Internet Of Things Security Threats

      The 2017 prediction for the internet of Things keep coming, with one of the latest dealing with what's in store for security. Any regular reader of the IoT daily knows that security and privacy are continuously major IoT issues, especially as more devices enter consumer homes and become Internet-connected. In the not-so-good-news department, the new report, from cybersecurity company Trend Micro, sees the year ahead coming with an increased...

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    3. Internet Of Things Connected Devices Heading To 46 Billion

      The Internet of Things involves billions of connected objects and that number continues to be projected up. Last year, the five-year projection for the number of connected devices globally was 39 billion. That forecast, by Juniper Research, pegged the IoT opportunity in revenue and cost savings at $300 billion. Around the same time, IC Insights projected the number of connected objects five years out to be 25 billion and IDC was expecting i...

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    4. Global Internet of Things (IoT) Telecom Services Market - Insights, Analysis & Forecast - Expected to Reach $18 Billion by 2022 - Research and Markets |

      Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Global Internet of Things (IoT) Telecom Services Market Insights, Opportunity Analysis, Market Shares and Forecast, 2016 - 2022" report to their offering. The global Internet of things (IoT) telecom services market is anticipated to grow at ...

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